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Achievements - CO-scholastic

2018 - 2019

Name of the Student,
Class and Sec
Activity Organizer Position
Jiya Shenoy, 3A Camlin Art Contest Camlin 2nd
Santhosh M, 11B
Dhruv Dange, 11A
Subienay G Ratnam, 12B
IRIS 2018 Mind Palace NPS KRM Winners
Ruhi Mitra, 10A
Siddhardha V Sreeramagiri, 10A
Just a Minute Visveswaraya Industrial & Technological Museum 3rd
Aditi M Warrier, 8B Painting Contest on Health and Yoga 1st
Prajval Sairam, 11A
Shravan Shenoy, 11B
Tejas Goyal, 11B
Parliamentary Debate NPS INR 2nd
Meghana Hiremagalore, 6D
Anagha Subash, 6C
Srimad Bagavadgeeta Geetha Govinda Samskrita Sangha Special Prize
Rohan Kumar, 2B
Smriti G Kaushik, 6A
Gaanam 2nd
Dhatri C, 10D
Aditi Arun, 10A
Quiz 2nd
Twisha Lakshmi Ramesh, 9D Shabdaha Dhatavaha 2nd
Mytreyi N, 9C Gaanam 2nd
Dhatri C, 10D
Aditi Arun, 10A
Sahana Parasuram, 10C
Dumbcharades 1st
Tejaswini Subramanian, 8B Shloka Kathanam Special Place
Aditi Arun, 10A
Anjali S, 10A
Sahana Parasuram, 10C
KISHORE PRATHIBE 2018 Potpourri MES Kishore Kendra 3rd
Anahita Chakravarthi Jayaram, 10A Fusion Indian Music 1st
Srishti Madhusudhan, 10D Painting 1st
Prajval Sairam, 11A
Tejas Goyal, 11B
Raghav Ravishankar, 9B
DNMUN DPSNORTH Special Mention
Senthooran B, 12A
Khushi M Rao, 10B
Kumaran's Model United Nation Sri Kumaran Children's Home Special Mention
Tejas Goyal, 11B Sophia Model United Nation Sophia High School Special Mention
Amogh Prakash, 12B KMUN NPS KRM Honourable Delegate
Aditi Savanur, 8C National level open yoga championship 2018 Shivajyothi yoga Kendra 4th
Siddharth J Kalyan, 6A
Aditi Guruprasad Bharadwaj, 6A
Wild Wisdom Quiz WWF 3rd position in City finals
Manasvi G Baragur, 6B Poster making Narayana Netralaya Winner
Rishav Sanjay, 5C Titan Genius Kidz Titan Winner
Sasyak Kaustubha Parkhi, 4C Runner-up
Ananya Mishra, 7A Winner
Ramana Ramachandran, 6A Runner-up
Aditi Arun, 9B Winner
Ashutosh M Bharadwaj, 10D Runner-up
Aditi Arun, 9B Winner (State & National Level)
Mrinal S 10B Tanisha P Wodeyar, 10B
Sourabh Hemant Dahale, 12B
Eshaan U Jalihal, 11A
Jaswanti Hareeshbabu, 12B
Tanvi M, 12B
Mahin Mohan, 12A
Mansi Srinivas, 12B
Hanisha Shivaprakash, 11B
Sumedh M Shetty, 12B
Fashion Show Odyssey (NPSHSR) 1st
Anurita Bose, 12B
Subienay Ganesh Ratnam, 12B
Chinmay K Haritas, 12A
Error 404 2nd
Aditi Varshini Chandra, 11A Debate 2nd
Avyay Irde, 11B
Aditi Swaminathan, 12B
Anjali M, 12B
Vegetable Carving 2nd
Nimisha B H, 12A
Sakshi S, 12A
Srishti Madhusudhan, 10D
ART(Neraki) 2nd
Ruhi Mitra, 10A Student of the Year Award Global SOTY Foundation and USA University Quest City Winner for Bangalore
Vaibhav Manegar, 9C
Adarsh Raman, 9A
Varun Ravichandran, 8D
World Robot Olympiad India Stem Foundation, Ahmedabad 7th

Deen Dayal SPARSH Yojana – a philately scholarship
Dept. of Posts, Ministry of Communications, Govt. Of India

Maitreyi Muralidhar of Grade 6A has been awarded a scholarship of Rs 6000/- per annum and a Certificate of Merit. She qualified for the award after two rounds comprising quizzing and completion of a project based on philately.

Times Spark – READ TO LEAD

Times Spark, an initiative by Times of India, encourages students of Grades 9-12 to develop reading, thus helping them understand better about society and environment. Held from September 2017 to January 2018, it involved an online test and an interview to assess the participants’ understanding about various subjects like current affairs, science & technology, sports, politics, social issues, etc. The following students managed to confidently express their perspectives aided by their excellent reading habits and emerged winners after the two rounds. They were awarded cash prizes between Rs 1,00,000-2,00,000 as scholarships under the READ TO LEAD programme.

Shatakshi Sarangi
12 B

Bharath Shankar
11 A

Ruhi Mitra
10 A

2017 - 2018

Aditi Varshini Chandra

An avid debater, Aditi Varshini Chandra, Grade X was one of the 10 best speakers at the interschool Parliamentary debate conducted by National Law School of India, Bangalore. After a 2-day workshop conducted by the Indian Schools Debating Society, Aditi emerged winner at the regional level, following which she was sent to Chennai to train for the Nationals in Jan 2018. After many grueling rounds of competition spread over 5 days with 54 of the finest debaters from across the country, Aditi was one of the 10 best selected to be a part of the Indian Debating Squad and will be travelling to Singapore in the 1st week of April to compete for the renowned Oldham Cup!

Co-Scholastic Achievements 2017-2018
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