npsrnr school bangalore

npsrnr school bangalore

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June 2015

  • Investiture

July 2015

  • Sports Heats - III - VIII

August 2015

  • Sports Heats - I & II and IX - XII

  • Napsonic XI

  • Entrepreneurship VI Parent Presentation

September 2015

  • Annual Sports - I & II

November 2015

  • Spectrum IX & XI

  • Entrepreneurship - VI Market Day

  • Annual Day - VIII

December 2015

  • Annual Day - VI & VII

January 2016

  • Graduation Day - XII

  • Little Voices - III

  • Mega Quiz - I - V

February 2016

  • Little Voices - IV & V

  • Mega Quiz - VI - VIII

  • Annual Day - KG I & II


School Community

Dr. K P Gopalkrishna, Chairman, National Public Schools, is an outstanding educationist with a far-sighted vision and time-tested wisdom. Under his chairmanship, the National Public Schools enjoy pride of place and international repute in terms of standards of education and infrastructure. Today, National Public School, Rajajinagar, Bangalore, is an esteemed institution and it has established itself as a strong educational edifice in Bangalore city.

The lady behind this endeavour is an educationist Mrs. Santhamma Gopalkrishna, Dean, National Public Schools and Senior Principal of National Public School, Rajajinagar, Bangalore. She infuses enthusiasm both among the faculty and the students with her rich experience and quiet efficiency, handling matters with ease and wisdom.

 » Key to Success

Dr. Bindu Hari, Director, The International School Bangalore, has ushered in a modernistic, student friendly atmosphere with her enthusiasm, passion and devotion. Believing in the dictum ‘Change is the only Constant’, she has metamorphosised this institution into a student-centered learning environment – spreading cheer always.

Mrs. Sumitra Das, the Principal, is gracious and systematic and combines strength with perfection. Her dedicated, balanced and focused approach has always been a source of inspiration for teachers and students alike.

With her affable disposition Mrs. Mini Jayan, the Vice-principal blends dignity and meticulousness in her functioning. Her approachable persona lends an atmosphere of openness to the school atmosphere.

Working hand in hand is a team of highly enthusiastic and professional teachers who have always been behind the success of this institution. The faculty at National Public School, Rajajinagar, is the core of the organisation. They are proactive, committed and dedicated. Our teachers are classroom managers who formulate and schedule the action plan in the curricular and co-curricular areas, in addition to having content mastery. They articulate concepts in a manner intelligible to students, plan learning activity and communicate goals. Our Faculty members aim at developing the potential of every student. Teachers are always available to guide and counsel even after school hours.

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