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npsrnr school bangalore

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June 2015

  • Investiture

July 2015

  • Sports Heats - III - VIII

August 2015

  • Sports Heats - I & II and IX - XII

  • Napsonic XI

  • Entrepreneurship VI Parent Presentation

September 2015

  • Annual Sports - I & II

November 2015

  • Spectrum IX & XI

  • Entrepreneurship - VI Market Day

  • Annual Day - VIII

December 2015

  • Annual Day - VI & VII

January 2016

  • Graduation Day - XII

  • Little Voices - III

  • Mega Quiz - I - V

February 2016

  • Little Voices - IV & V

  • Mega Quiz - VI - VIII

  • Annual Day - KG I & II



Teacher Orientation Programs are conducted at the beginning of every academic year during the 3rd week of May at National Public School, Koramangala.

Dr. Bindu Hari, Dean Academics, National Public Schools, and her team of co-coordinators make presentations and conduct inter-active sessions on Human Behavioural Management and Classroom Management and Procedures. These sessions go a long way in honing teacher skills and also serve to initiate the new recruits into the climate and culture of National Public Schools. The new teachers learn to re-assess and reform their management skills in an atmosphere of cordiality, friendliness and warmth. These sessions are rich in terms of content and value points not only for the new teachers but also for the senior die-hards!

These Teacher Orientation Programmes are valuable in as much as they spring from a heart that is earnest and a vision that aims at excellence for the NPS family of Schools


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