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August 2013

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The students of Grades VII-XII of NPS Rajajinagar, had the opportunity of playing at the prestigious Mahindra National Basketball Association Challenge organized at the Kanteerava Stadium from July to September 2010.

National Basketball Association legends Mr. Martin Conlon and Mr. Troy Justice conducted a training session to prepare youngsters for the challenge which then extended to league matches. 17 top schools of Bangalore participated and the possibility of playing against so many teams was definitely a great prospect . At the end of the games the girls and boys teams of NPR Rajajinagar stood at 5th and 6th position respectively - a significant achievement indeed. The teams comprised :
  • Boys -
    Rajat Poovaiah P N (12 A), Hriday Thakkar B, Dhawal Manoj Joharapurkar (12 B), Rohan K N, Pawan Shyam A, Shreyas R, Manthan Thakkar B, Vishaal Venkatakrishnan, Ishan Kothari (11 B), Niyanth Vidi Gridharan, Karan Doss(10 C), Shrikar Bharadwaj (10 A)
  • Girls -
    Aishwarya Saripalli,Monica(11 A), Ridhi Rao, Vyjayanthi R (10 C), Anusha Sreenivasan, Swetha Janakiraman, Roshini K(10 D), Sneha Balakrishnan (9 C), Keerthana Kalappa (9 B), Harshini A, Aparna Bhat, Aboli S Deshmukh (8 B), Soumya Panyam (7 C)

Aishwarya Saripalli of Grade XI was one of the top scorers of the tournament

Aishwarya Saripalli and Rohan K N of grade XI and Hriday B Thakkar of grade XII were selected for the "All Star Game" of the tournament where the top 16 players from all teams played against each other on the final day. A huge feat and undoubtedly an accomplishment! Hats off to all the team members who have sure made everyone proud!

We wish both the teams of NPS Rajajinagar all the very best for a bright future.
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