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June 2016

  • Investiture

November 2016

  • Sports Day - IX to XII
  • Annual Day - IV

  • Spectrum - VII & VIII

  • Young Entrepreneur Program (Market Day) - VI

December 2016

  • Annual Day - V

  • Panorama - I & II

January 2017

  • Valedictory - VI to XII

  • Graduation Day - XII

February 2017

  • Primary Musical - III

  • Tender Feet (Sports) - Pre Primary


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Environment day

Varied activities were held for students of Grades VI-VIII to observe World Environment Day, World Ocean Day and World Day to combat Desertification and Drought.

Students of Grade VI and VII designed a collage on nests of different birds with relevant information. Students of Grade VIII held a discussion on the topic 'Healthy Ocean and Healthy Planet'. They were also involved in making posters with slogans on the same topic.

Students of Grade IX and X took part in a poster making activity that exhibited their awareness on the Wildlife Protection Act.

Students thus, learnt the need for a harmonious and sustainable interaction between humans and nature.

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Astronomy Week

Activities were conducted at the middle and high school levels to observe Astronomy Week and explore facts about the universe between 6th and 13th of June 2016.

A collage making activity was conducted in pairs where students depicted information on astronauts and presented the same to their peers. A group discussion on the topic 'Earth and the Other Planets' allowed the students to collect interesting facts and share them in class.

A lively quiz on space tickled their grey cells on all matters 'astronomic'. Power Point Presentations on new discoveries in space science were created by students of high school to be used as resources. These activities proved to be effective learning strategies for the students.

Building Values

An AEP initiative

As an AEP initiative students of Grade 7 were given a presentation by teachers on how to improve camaraderie and amity among students in school and outside. The interactive session made students aware of how they could make the atmosphere convivial for all by exhibiting positive interaction with everyone. Students then analysed case studies to promote positive behaviour and made an 'anti-bully' pledge.

Yoga Day

Birth Anniversary Celebrations

Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Sri Balagangadhara Tilak

Shri Bal Gangadhar Tilak - celebrating the occasion of his birth anniversary

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