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Have a Safe Diwali

Diwali is the festival that brings goodwill to all except the environment. A thought-provoking assembly by the students of Grade 10 highlighted this aspect. Their aim - to promote an eco-friendly Diwali.

The program began with an advertisement that brought out the darker side of Diwali. A motivating poem was recited, conveying the anguish that would befall the Earth due to thoughtless celebration.

An informative talk described the ill effects of modern day Diwali and gave tips to students on how to celebrate a Green Diwali. A quiz gave a peek into students’ awareness of good practices to be followed during Diwali.

The students of the school took a pledge to celebrate Diwali in a responsible manner - a fitting finale to the program and a good precursor to a safe and green Diwali!

Pledge of the Earth Warriors
  • I solemnly resolve that henceforth, every Diwali shall be eco friendly to its best.

  • I shall not burst any crackers and shall ensure that noise and air pollution is reduced.

  • I shall celebrate with lamps, lights, good food and will ensure that this does not contribute to environmental degradation.

  • I shall make Diwali a memorable one for the under privileged by sharing sweets and happiness with them.

  • Keeping in mind our health and that of future generations, I pledge to contribute my bit towards making the planet a healthier place to live in.
Towards a Joyous Diwali!

Can you see the ceiling of heaven turn grey?
Have you noticed how nature’s riotous colours fade?
Have you seen Earth’s children cower from the noise,
As with abandon, we rejoice?

Are the sparks we see cascading through the skies
Worth the ones we steal from young eyes?
We bedeck the world around us as if she were death’s bride,
Caught up as we are in pleasure, drunk on pride.

The firecrackers we burn, spluttering smoke
Are enough to leave the whole earth choked!
Diwali is about celebrating goodness and light,
Not desecrating this world with spite!
Celebrate joy and life, ignite the flame within,
Let’s shine brighter than blinding lights and deafening din!

Madhavi Jere X-C

Tips for a Green Diwali
  • Illuminate your house with earthen lamps instead of electric bulbs

  • Buy eco-friendly crackers. The prices of eco-friendly crackers do not burn a hole in the pocket, making it a more lucrative proposition over traditional fireworks. Besides , their names are very alluring, particularly for children. There is Rainbow Smoke, Pokemon, Mango Magic, Vacuum Magic and Sweet Sixteen, something kids can identify with. Even their sounds are interesting, like Crazy Pops that jingles like the chirping of birds.

  • The eco-friendly fire crackers work on the principle of vacuum combustion. There is no smoke and sparkle accompanying these crackers. Some crackers are sound free too. These are also safe for the eyes. Furthermore, the workers who make these crackers are not subjected to health hazards.

  • Celebrate Diwali with a different meaning – with under privileged children. Share your eco-friendly Diwali crackers, sweets and happiness with them.

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