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June 2016

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November 2016

  • Sports Day - IX to XII
  • Annual Day - IV

  • Spectrum - VII & VIII

  • Young Entrepreneur Program (Market Day) - VI

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January 2017

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February 2017

  • Primary Musical - III

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Spectrum 2015 - 'An Insight into the Unknown'

On 5th December 2015, the students of Grades IX and XI put up a spectacular show for SPECTRUM 2015.

The Language department brought out the essence of topical themes like 'Save the Girl Child', 'loving your mother' and India's varied culture and heritage through spectacular street plays and exhibits. The Math department had activities and displays dealing with math in forensics, architecture, 'tricknometry' and Napoleon's theorem. The Chemistry students delved into the world of magic using chemicals - changing the color of metal, and fire that doesn’t burn currency notes, to name a few. The Physics department took the visitors to a space centre that saw a working model of a satellite communication system. Expertise in neuroscience and forensics was exhibited in activities and crime solving by the Biology department. A mock parliament dealing with topics like euthanasia and capital punishment saw lively debates by the members of the Social Science department. The Computer department exhibited their skills in developing games and computer quizzes. Not to be left behind were students of the Visual and Performing arts displaying their talents. Yoga demonstrations and fun games by the PE department added an element of excitement to the day.

The Young Entrepreneurs of Grade VI had their stalls set up on the grounds and marketed their products vigorously. Food stalls added to the flavor of the day as parents reveled in a day out, enjoying Market Day.

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