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August 2013

  • Napsonic: Science & Soc. Science Departments

September 2013

  • Annual Day III, IV, V

October 2013

  • Annual Sports – IX, X, XI, XII

November 2013

  • Mega Quiz - I, II

December 2013

  • Spectrum - VI, VII, VIII

January 2014

  • Show & Tell – I, II
  • MegaQuiz –IX
  • Graduation Day- XII

February 2014

  • Mega Quiz (class VI –VIII)
  • Mega Quiz( class III- V)
  • Annual Day – K G


The atmosphere was palpable with excitement, the crowd chanting in support, little kids waving banners for their heroes!!! The occasion was the much-awaited event – a ‘friendly’ throw ball match between the students and teachers on Teacher’s Day. While the finesse of the players was exhibited on the field, the spectators showed their appreciation with Mexican Waves.

The game was preceded by a short program, highlighting the ideals of educationists like Dr. S Radhakrishnan and Swami Vivekananda. The students of Grade 3 rendered a beautiful kannada song as an ode to their favorite teacher. A hand-made card of appreciation was presented to the Principal, Mrs. Santamma Gopalkrishna, who reminded students of their duty towards teachers and learning.

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