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npsrnr school bangalore

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June 2015

  • Investiture

July 2015

  • Sports Heats - III - VIII

August 2015

  • Sports Heats - I & II and IX - XII

  • Napsonic XI

  • Entrepreneurship VI Parent Presentation

September 2015

  • Annual Sports - I & II

November 2015

  • Spectrum IX & XI

  • Entrepreneurship - VI Market Day

  • Annual Day - VIII

December 2015

  • Annual Day - VI & VII

January 2016

  • Graduation Day - XII

  • Little Voices - III

  • Mega Quiz - I - V

February 2016

  • Little Voices - IV & V

  • Mega Quiz - VI - VIII

  • Annual Day - KG I & II



In Grade 5, students are taught to handle larger portions than what they tackled in Grades 1 to 4. Along with English, Mathematics, Hindi, General Science and Social Studies, Sanskrit/ Kannada is introduced as a third language, as part of the three language system adopted in Indian schools.

Students enter the ‘Middle School’, a critical period in education, in Grade VI. Life really comes alive with this vivacious, confused, boisterous and intelligent group of students belonging to Grades VI, VII and VIII.

Stepping into the Middle School, our students are ready to face more challenges and do an in depth study in all subjects - Mathematics is split into Math-I and Math-II, General Science with Physics, Chemistry and Biology and Social Science specialized as History-Civics and Geography. English, Hindi, Sanskrit and Computer Science continue to remain as a part of the curriculum.

Students are trained to prepare for tests and examinations. They are guided to handle the semester syllabus, which in turn helps them to face examinations with confidence.

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