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August 2013

  • Napsonic: Science & Soc. Science Departments

September 2013

  • Annual Day III, IV, V

October 2013

  • Annual Sports – IX, X, XI, XII

November 2013

  • Mega Quiz - I, II

December 2013

  • Spectrum - VI, VII, VIII

January 2014

  • Show & Tell – I, II
  • MegaQuiz –IX
  • Graduation Day- XII

February 2014

  • Mega Quiz (class VI –VIII)
  • Mega Quiz( class III- V)
  • Annual Day – K G


The NAPSITE is a school newsletter published every semester, with one edition for each class from I to XII. It provides students with a platter to exhibit their creative and literary talents at the class level and appreciate the talents of their peers of the same age group.

Managed by the editorial board comprising students themselves, the NAPSITE provides those involved an insight into the nitty-gritty’s involved in any publication, thus housing the requisite skills of future Journalists and Editors.

Articles featured range from creative writing pieces poetry, matters of interest in science, mathematics, the social sciences, commerce, information technology, environmental issues, cartoons and sketches and write-ups in Hindi and Sanskrit.

Napsack is the year book of National Public School, Rajajinagar, Bangalore. This school magazine is an amalgamation of the creative talents and skills acquired by the students of NPS, Rajajinagar.

Each page in the yearbook gives a rare glimpse of school life and depicts it at its best. As all yearbooks do, this too will serve as a repertoire of the golden years spent at school. It is the true expression at school, glimpsed through the many photographs and articles.

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