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npsrnr school bangalore

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Back to School

Life is beautiful…school days are even more beautiful….they are the very life of life”.

Some memories never fade; they linger in your heart forever. School days are one such memory that are always remembered with nostalgia. They are certainly the sunny days of youth and exuberance, of innocence and spontaneity, of fun and frolic. There is never a care in the world. Life in school is one big party with no responsibility .Then one fine day; you get up and find it is all over. Reaching adulthood is painful with all the additional responsibilities one undergoes and endures. The truth is that school days are probably the best time in one’s life.

Reliving those beautiful days for every parent starts with their children going to school. It is then school time all over again. The classes and the books, the sports and the drama, the picking and dropping of children to school, the very many stories and agonies inside the school all makes it so exciting and fun. It is back to school all over again for every parent but living it through their children.

The Early days….

For me, coming to Bangalore from a costal town of Mangalore to start a new life was itself a new experience. However, the worse was to follow. Wanting to put my son to a good school, I made some casual enquiry. There, was a unanimous excellent review of National Public School being the best and a must for my child. However, I was warned that it is easier to get a ticket to the moon but not an admission to NPS. Nevertheless, with a courage found in crazy people, I ventured to enter the portals of the school for an application form. My good friends congratulated me on getting the admission form but told me bluntly that my chances of getting a seat in the school would be a miracle, knowing the intense competition. I had not applied to any other school and my friends thought, I was quite mad in putting all my eggs in a single basket. Then, one fine day, the interview card came. My wife promptly announced to the world, as though she had just received an Oscar award. Chaos prevailed in my house as quite a few parents invaded my house to find out how I managed this miracle. There were other NPS parents who presented us the menu card of the do’s and don’ts in the interview. We were warned of the Principal and his likes and dislikes. Quite a few came forward to give special tuitions to my wife, who incidentally was attending the first interview in her life.

The D-day arrived and i waited outside the Principal’s office like an expectant father. Finally, the call came and instead of finding a tough person, here was a warm human being who took lot of pains to make us feel comfortable. Mr. Gopalkrishna, the Principal appeared warm, caring and a humble human being. Much different to everything that I was expecting. He believed only in academic excellence and his mantra was quality education. He confessed his problems of having too little seats and too many applicants.

The intervening period…

Both my children studied in National Public School.My son, Siddhartha is an electronics engineer , planning to go to USA for higher studies and my daughter, Namratha is just about to finish her tenth. They have become good human beings, thanks to all the good values instilled into them in school. I am indebted to the school for providing some great training grounds for these children to be able to cope with the stress and tension in this competitive world. . From the year 1988 when my son entered the school and then for the next two decades, I have gone through the ritual of dropping my children to school religiously every morning. I never considered it a burden but in fact always looked forward to it. This ritual continued everyday except when I was out of town. Those were some beautiful moments in my life that I cherish. During that short drive to school, I heard various stories of different teachers, their strengths and weaknesses as perceived by the students. It was a learning experience for me and I made it a point to utilize some of their thoughts and ideas, which I felt was adaptable and simple in my hospital setup. Then there ware stories of their class friends and of their parents, some hilarious, some quite unfathomable. All these created a bond with my children, which I cherish. In all the years of my morning school rounds, I had the opportunity to see every kind of parent, good, bad and ugly. Some were shabbily dressed, few as nervous as their child, some enthusiastic, many tensed but the majority undisciplined. As each one focused to drop their child to school with in the stipulated time, they broke all traffic rules with impunity. They honked hard, entered in the no entry road, and were selfish in ensuring their child reaches the gates of the school, while not having the basic courtesy in allowing other children to cross the road. The rot continued all these years and I guess it is time; the parents have to be educated by their own children.

I have some great memories of the school. I have seen my children really flowering in the great environment. The strict discipline, the various activities done for all round development meant you had students of excellence. I have seen some great times for this institution and some terrible times during the cauvery riots. I saw it rise again, much like a phoenix from its ashes. Incidentally, my children were good both in academics as well in sports. In fact, they have created history of sorts by winning the individual school championship every year in their group from class I to class X. They were also good in swimming and did represent the School and Karnataka State in the Nationals. This meant frequent absence from school and I had an errand to do, going to the school office for permission. In fact, no parents would have visited the school office for special leave as much as me!

The final days…

With my daughter Namratha studying in the 10th standard, it probably is the last few days in school for her and for me. I am going to miss all the fun and joy connected with it .I am going to miss that familiar visit to the office and meet those pleasant staff. I will miss all the stories of the teachers like Patrick, Helen, Ganguly, Janet, Gladys and many other teachers whom I have not named who have made such lasting impressions in the minds and hearts of thousands of children that have passed through the gates of the school. The National Public Schools, an initiative of Mr. Gopalkrishna has today spread to all corners of Bangalore. The many dreams of providing good education, a passion with Mr. Gopalkrishna have become a huge success story. We need such leaders who develop the leaders of the future. The hands that serve humanity are a lot better than the lips that talk of divinity and I will remain always indebted to this school and its wonderful teachers and staff. Mention need to be done of the vice principal, Ms Sumitra who was always approachable, sweet and yet quite firm in her decision. The principal Ms Santhamma was epitome of discipline. She could be classically described as soft interiors but tough exterior. She ensured discipline in a very quiet and unassuming manner. In my many interactions, I found her to be a very humble person with fondness for children and the determination to see all her students excel in academics.

Our hopes and dreams were built in this school… the second home. The days gone by, will very soon become memories. They will remain lingering in our heart for ever. There is a tinge of regret, now that it is all over. I would love to go through this journey all over again. Maybe, I will have to wait for my grand child, to go through this exciting journey all over again.

The discernable feature of National Public School (NPS) in comparison with other schools is the minutest attention that is bestowed on each and every student. The periodical comments / observations by the Class teachers in the progress reports is not only accurate, to the point, but at times a revelation to the parents themselves. One wonders whether the parents know their children or is it that the school teachers know them better? It is this crucial aspect that infuses confidence in the parents. You are left with no other choice but to conclude that your child is in the finest of schools with the best of teachers.

Nothing comes from nothing. The Principal, Vice-Principal and Sri GopalKrishna have put their heart and soul to make such a wonderful institution. It is evident in every nook and corner of the school.

I could go on and on without an end, but would conclude by saying “If I were to go to school again, it will and shall be NPS and NPS alone.”

Dedicated … Professional … Progressive … Empathetic … Caring. Five words that perhaps best summarize our experiences interacting with the teachers and management of NPS. The parent teacher meetings have been positive, open and honest. We have found their feedback and observations to be balanced and accurate. We have also mentioned that action plans arising from these discussions are immediately implemented.

We are fully satisfied that the future of our children is in safe hands.


The growth of National English School, Rajajinagar from its humble beginning forty-eight years ago, to a full-fledged Senior Secondary National Public School was not an ordinary feat. Educating thousands of students in that period and watching them glitter in life with success, is our beloved founder principal Dr. K. P. Gopalkrishna a determined farsighted Educationalist and principal Mrs. Santhamma , his spouse behind this great achievement. Over the years many people have been associated with the school. However, I consider myself extremely fortunate for being a part of this reputed institution, formerly as a student and now as a parent.


A glimpse of NPS Vision and Mission statements gives a fair idea about its accomplishments. The vision statement is clear with ‘Quality’ being its watchword, right from its inception. The mission statement seeks to stimulate the academic environment for promotion of quality in teaching –learning techniques, encouraging comprehensive evaluation and autonomy with an innovative framework in curriculum design.


The objective of NPS has been to train young minds in character development, to enhance, their personality and to have them face tomorrow with the right attitude towards life and work.

The institution has not just accomplished this objective at certain places in India, but is continuing to march ahead, the onus of accelerating the pace of quality education globally. The school has been recognized internationally for its intellectual vibrancy, dedication to the pursuit of learning, serving community at large with an excellent infrastructure and state of art facilities. It has incorporated technology in education, optimizing the teaching learning process.


The school has adopted a holistic approach in education with equal importance to scholastic and non-scholastic stream. The method of teaching is child- centered. Knowledge, appreciation and skill are imparted to the students through an innovative, creative, flexible and a rigorous curriculum using the 3H domain.
  • HEAD on the Cognitive domain to gain knowledge.
  • HEART on the affective domain for appreciation.
  • HAND on the psychomotor domain to acquire skill.

The knowledge acquired in student-hood is transformed to skill during adult-hood, which turns into wisdom in old age, thus preparing an individual for life. In the non-scholastic stream the school has been providing the right ambience and opportunities in the form of various activities like literary, cultural and sports to help students, to enrich their latent talents. The school recognizes every child as a potential human resource. The feedback namely the learning out-come is ascertained by the method of continuous comprehensive evaluation with suitable grades.


There is a chord in me that rocks to my alma-mater , resounds with passion for teaching and finds rhythm in working as a teacher in resonance with it. The strong foundation and value-based education provided by this school is the greatest wealth for an individual. I proudly state that confidence; fearlessness, decision-making and leadership abilities are the hallmark qualities of any NPS product.


The success of this institution is due to 3D’s.
  • DETERMINED PRINCIPAL-a role model.
Success is never ending……………. I sincerely pray and wish NPS an infinite growth towards success.

Our memories of working with the students of National Public School have been most enjoyable. The keen proactiveness of the students and teachers to participate in our sessions has been noteworthy. We admit that in some of the sessions our resource persons have been enriched by the enthusiasm of some of the fifth standard children having keen aptitude for learning more.

Enhancing qualitative approaches to teaching was thus accepted and taken as a challenge amongst our resource persons who are now vying with each other to have an opportunity to go to NPS to interact with fifth standard students and more. The quest for attaining Knowledge through prescribed and Lateral learning is evident by the repository of knowledge attained by the students by their exposure to a lot of non-textual approaches.

Individual skills have been constantly enabled by excellent teamship between students participating in our sessions with zeal and commitment unique to NPS. Contributions by children by way of articles, poems, paintings have been most unique and appreciated and even published.

Hands on sessions have been accepted well and the skills of the children to be exposed and learn newer things noteworthy. They have willingly accepted Newspapers as a media of education and we see a bright future for the media from students particularly from NPS Rajajinagar albeit possible gems emerging from NPS Koramangala and Indiranagar. We are conscious that this has been made possible by the excellent approaches to build the attitude and approach to education taken up by all the NPS schools right from the pre-nursery level.

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