npsrnr school bangalore

npsrnr school bangalore

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June 2015

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July 2015

  • Sports Heats - III - VIII

August 2015

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September 2015

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November 2015

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December 2015

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January 2016

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February 2016

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My school, NPS has a nice building and a big playground. KG II and I standard are very beautiful with colourful tables and chairs. We also have a computer lab and a big auditorium. I love to go to school on Fridays because we borrow lovely books from the library to read over the weekend.

I like my school very much. My teachers are very nice and caring. I have many friends in the school and I enjoy playing with them. I am learning computers and I like it. Every year we have sports and we go on a picnic from school. For the Annual Day function, I participate in music and dance. I enjoy going to school.

The school I go to is NPS on West of Chord Road. At school, apart from lessons we also have other extra curricular activities like dance and music. My school is one of the best schools in Bangalore. My teachers are very kind, caring and they have lots of patience. Our teachers help all the children to do well. I am very happy to be in NPS.

My school is very big. We have a big playground and a rock garden in our school. We have volley ball courts, throw ball court and a basket ball court. There is a play area for the KG children. I enjoy playing in school with my friends. I love my school very much.

My school is my source of inspiration to do well in studies and become a good human being. Classmates, though competitive, are very friendly which makes our school more exciting. The teachers are very caring and loving and make us feel at home. The classes are interactive and the standard of learning is excellent. The facilities are good. The classes become more interesting through the projects and extracurricular activities. The atmosphere around us is challenging, which inspires us to work hard and achieve our goal. We even get an opportunity to exhibit our imagination, feelings and creativity. I want my school to be the best and wish to make it outstanding with our success and better performance in academics and other areas.

Our school

NPS, our second home or should we say first! Because we spend most of our waking time with great pleasure here. Our school is a knowledge house surrounded by beautiful greenery. This greenery which is well maintained with blooming flowers enlightens the children creating a jovial atmosphere for them. The students and all the staff are provided with a unique library in which books from around the world are available to read. Our school is a place full of happiness and joy, but at the same time, strict discipline is maintained. National Public lives up to its name by helping us to REACH OUT, REACH HIGH AND REACH BEYOND.

My experience in School

If I say I enjoyed the first day of school, I would be lying to myself. I was nervous, scared and felt like a stranger in an unknown place. During the first two years of school. I was uncomfortable and always longed to return home. By the end of KG II I began to feel at ease. I vividly remember writing my first assignment in I standard. It was a new experience and it made me feel like a ' big girl', I thoroughly enjoyed the annual day and the preparation for it - Dancing to the tune of ' Chapa Chapa' will stay in my mind forever. By II standard I began to enjoy school. IV and V standard raced past. And now here I am in the VI standard writing about ' my experiences in school'.

My School

National Public School is my second home. There is a special bond between the students and teachers. Besides education, a lot of focus is put on extra curricular activities such as western music, dance and art. We have different associations, which bring out the hidden talent in us. The teachers encourage us and help in moulding us as good citizens. They coach and guide us to be independent and successful in our endeavors. NPS is a splendid school in every aspect and I’m proud and delighted to be a part of the NPS family.

Our School

National Public School is one of the most prestigious schools in India. Discipline, which is an important element of education, is strictly maintained here. Despite this the students are introduced to a very friendly atmosphere where they are free to clarify doubts or express their emotions. The concepts involved in various subjects are demonstrated in the different ways. There are also recreational resources, which truly make school life interesting. Also the celebrations of festivals are done with great enthusiasm and this introduces the students to different social cultures of India.

NPS The home for learning

“Why did you leave such a wonderful school?” this was what the principal of The Indian School ,Muscat had to say, when I had left NPS and moved to Muscat. It was then I realized the greatness of this wonderful school. I am so happy to be back here. The buildings, the field, the rock garden – all are the same but still a wonderful sight. The field filled with running and screaming students is real, a moment to remember forever. The pattern of study here is unimaginably marvelous. The teachers are well experienced and understanding them is quite easy.

NPS has been playing a vital role in bringing up students who have succeeded to a great extent in life. I am proud to be a part of NPS. I thank my parents for sending me to this school. I thank all the teachers who have played a role in shaping my life and who are helping me to reach my goal.

It seems like only yesterday that I walked into NPS as a new student with a tinge of apprehension and a heart full of dreams. Since then I have been witness to each of my expectations being fulfilled, in this wondrous journey that has taught me everything I know today. Every picture on the numerous corridors, all our teachers’ smiling faces, all the plants in the garden that have grown with us, float like vivid portraits when I close my eyes. I love my school; I am proud to be an Npsite.

We have an environment of friendly and reliable teachers who make studying fun. The fun – filled activities, workshops and fests create an atmosphere of integrity and creativity. Be it sports or studies, we strive for achieving perfection. We are guided by ideas of sincerity, hard work and perfection. We aim at reaching the skies and beyond. All in all, we are the best!

In my 14 years at NPS, I have been witness to unadulterated fun and learning. The vivacious air has bowled me over. An unexplained feeling of contentment and elation grips me as I step into the home away from home. Looking down memory lane, my yesteryears have built a complete person out of me. A big thanks to NPS, my Alma Mater.

NPS – at the end of the day, doesn’t just mean bricks and walls to me. It’s a dream come true!

My first day in school – I cried, cried and cried; my LKG class teacher picked me up, patted me a little bit on the back and said. “It is going to be fine”. Well it’s been more than fine. It has been fantabulous these 12 years. This is NPS; it never changes.

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