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June 2016

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November 2016

  • Sports Day - IX to XII
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January 2017

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February 2017

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I am honoured to be a part of this great portal of learning. The school has given me an opportunity to showcase my creative and aesthetic skills, be it decorating the soft board or floral arrangements for school events. Every day is a new learning experience at NPS. The school has provided me with hands-on learning in various domains of teaching and learning methodologies. As a facilitator, I often relate my students to flowers. "Just as a rose is beautiful, so is a sunflower, so is a peony... all flowers are beautiful in their own way." Every child is like a flower in my classroom to be tended with care. Facilitating young learners can be challenging but the experience is enriching and delightful. Preparing young learners to be global citizens and equipping them to face challenges has been my constant endeavour. I am privileged to rediscover myself... it has truly been a fulfilling journey.

It is my privilege to write a few words about my association with NPS, which started in 2005 when my son joined the school as a 7th grader. The very next year, I too joined the school, as a faculty member teaching Science and Mathematics.

I think that the one value which is common across all the members of the faculty at NPS is the passion they bring to their job. The school had and continues to have teachers of a very high calibre and integrity, who are committed and resourceful and encourage students to reach new heights. Here I learnt to set higher goals and be aware of what we preach and practise. I pursued and received my PhD in 2008 while working here with the full support and motivation from the management.

The reputation of any educational institution lies in the hands of their management with impeccable vision and capable and talented teachers and I can proudly say that our school stands second to none. Working at NPS I have learnt to face every challenge in life with a smile.

NPS has taught me to reach out to curiosity, reach high to creativity and reach beyond convention. It has made me a better human being where I receive opportunities to take part in the process of imparting knowledge to many students every year. I am honoured to be a faculty member at NPS and thankful to the management and colleagues.

The best way to stay young is to be in the company of youngsters!. This has been my experience during my decade plus years of service in this esteemed institution. The dynamic atmosphere, bringing in new challenges each year has helped me discover my hitherto unknown talents. I did not walk in for the job being as proficient as I am now - the atmosphere of excellence has made me what I am today!.

I joined NPS Rajajinagar in the year 1996 and it has been a great learning experience ever since. Each year comes with new challenges and new learning experiences. Any new responsibility always used to make me nervous but with the guidance of my mentors I have always come out with flying colours. NPS has made me confident, taught me to take things positively, to be observant and develop self-control. The institution has always stood by me whenever I needed support. It is a home away from home.

I can still recall the exhilaration I felt walking into the portals of National Public School 10 years ago. As a part of NPS family since then, this prestigious institution has let me imbibe relentless effort to attain perfection in every aspect of my work. As a teacher, not only do I share a bond with my students, but every day is a learning experience. The innumerable workshops and presentations that I have attended have enhanced my knowledge. This esteemed institution has provided immense opportunities to nurture my skills and perfect myself as a teacher and a human being. NPS is an epitome of perfection and I am proud to be a member of this family.

My journey, all of 19 years has been 'one great treasure trove'.

Every year has been a year to enhance my skill. I have learnt many new methods of teaching, be it interactive, technology oriented or play way - it has all been a great learning-teaching experience. The atmosphere, being like that of a family, sharing and discussing ideas and ideologies - ultimately is a platform to be able to express ourselves freely. I have been a spectator to some epic moments in the history of NPS - its Golden Jubilee celebrations and felicitations to Sir for his 50 years in the field of education.

Teaching children while learning a great deal in the process, makes it a journey - a path well-chosen under exemplary leadership.

NPS - My Mentor and I

NPS is a prestigious institution which facilitates the harmonious coming together of students and teachers. As a
teacher, I play an important role in laying a strong foundation to shape their future.

Visualising the pages of the past, I have realised that a major part of my valuable time has been among the environs of the school. NPS has allowed me to grow as a teacher and caregiver. The growth of the students is powered by the growth of the teacher. My interaction with them has created a bond that is evident by the love and respect they show. Inculcating a good value system in the students and preparing them for various life skills would not have been possible without the conducive atmosphere at NPS. The motto of the school – reach out, reach high, reach beyond has enthused my creative side, through the events and activities that I have helped design. The workshops and the training programmes organised by the school have enabled me to keep pace with technological advancements of the present day.

NPS is the epitome of the kind of understanding that is provided not just for students but for the teachers as well.

It looks like yesterday that I joined NPS as faculty and it's been 16 long years. All along it has been a wonderful journey. Here I have realized that 3 D's – Dedication, Determination and Discipline never go waste. Every single day there is something new to learn and I am still learning. The school has nurtured me and my dreams and I wish to serve the institution to the best of my abilities.

I became a part of the NPS family in 1999, when I joined as a teacher filling in for a faculty member who was away on maternity leave. I thought my term would be up after 3 months but after almost 9 years I’m still going strong! That speaks volumes for the bond one develops with NPS!! During my stint here I’ve taught classes right from KG to grade 12; subjects ranging from Music to English.

Being at NPS has been an enriching experience and a great learning process. I have been given many opportunities wherein I could display my skills & abilities and the management, is truly – helping each one bring out their best. In turn, I’ve been able to draw out the potential and talent from the extremely able students, who we have the honor of interacting with.

My association with NPS is since 1985. Over the years, NPS has helped me become a seasoned teacher. The school has helped me learn as I continued teaching. While walking down the streets of Bangalore, very often, I come across youngsters who wish me and remind me that they were my students. They cherish the time they had spent with me.

As I look into the eyes of these successful youngsters, I feel and enjoy a sense of satisfaction. Truly an organization one can be proud to be a part of!

NPS has provided me the platform to transform teaching of Mathematics from mere chalk and talk method to a child-centred and activity-oriented one. High expectations, the value system, discipline and also the use of modern technology as inputs enable me and my colleagues to go that extra mile to becoming good facilitators. Plenty of opportunities are available to showcase our skills in different areas. My strong opinion is that NPS is an ideal place that makes both the students and teachers become perfectionists in the education arena.

I am a cardiac Surgeon” I was stunned at the flight of time. Teaching him in standard six seemed like a few years back. Then I realized that it's been 16 years at NPS! Looking back I can see my growth in the school - fantastic opportunities the school has offered me - not only as a teacher but also in my personality and outlook to life. Attending various workshops and presentations conducted was a great learning experience. In short, I can only say NPS moulds future citizens of India and makes us better human beings.

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