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My association with NPS began when I entered school for the very first time for my daughter’s admission. After the interview, our esteemed Chairman, Dr. K P Gopalkrishna suggested that I take up a teaching job in the institution. This motivated me to enroll for B.Ed and the very next year (1997) I joined the NPS teaching fraternity. To me, teaching has been more of a learning experience. The work environment at NPS, the constant encouragement and valuable advice we get from our superiors, the opportunities that come our way to organize various student all-round development programs has enabled me to broaden my perspective about education. NPS is synonymous with quality education and I am proud to be a contributor in this ocean of excellence.

Imparting education is a noble act of sharing one's wisdom with the learner. NPS stands for wisdom. I am very grateful and happy to be a part of this wonderful institution for the past twenty years.

I joined NPS in 1992 and this was my first job. I found the entire environment charged with creativity, dynamism and confidence. I could see this in my interaction with the Principal and other members of the staff. I was inspired by them. The past 20 years have gone by in a flash. I have enjoyed every moment at NPS and continue to do so. I have learnt a lot and have also contributed my best to NPS.

I have been teaching class I and II for many years. I can look back and savour sweet memories of the years I have spent with children. Their boundless energy, infectious laughter, the sparkle and wonder in their eyes has taught me to be open, simple and full of hope. Their humour and innocent pranks has kept me active and hearty. I shall continue to mould my children into good human beings apart from enabling them to gain knowledge.

May NPS continue to be a jewel of high learning and wisdom. May it continue to grow in God's light and reach greater milestones in the coming years.

One fine day in the autumn of 1991, I remember sitting in the NPS Rajajinagar lounge to join the school as a faculty member, and now having spent 21 years with this school gives me a great sense of pride and accomplishment. Having taught in other schools earlier, National Public School has been an experience without any parallel. Being among the top schools in the country, NPS has impacted the lives of students positively and served the community. The NPS family comprising the Principal, teachers and students is very close knit. Years after graduating, the students fondly remember the time spent in their school. NPS has changed with the times as well, adopting technology in teaching, and keeping abreast with the latest changes in the education field. I am proud to be a part of the NPS journey and wish it to reach greater heights!

I joined the NPS family in 1985 at a young age and grew along with the institution completing my Master's Degree. "I can do it if I believe I can" was a quote I always believed in and this has taken me a long way. School has been my home away from home and working here gives me immense pleasure. NPS has influenced me in many ways and has imbibed in me various precious values. It has helped me recognize my strengths, motivated me to discover new skills and exposed me to various opportunities and challenges. Teaching and being around children has been a joyous experience for me. NPS has molded me into a passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated person....I hope to render my services to this esteemed institution as long as I can.

The mango tree in the corner of the playground had not spread its branches; it was perhaps a sapling the day I knocked on the hallowed portals of NPS with trepidation in my heart and an application clutched in my hand. I was looking for something to do to fill in the time that weighed heavy on my hands. Frankly, I knew nothing about the nuances entailed in this honorable profession.

Twenty five years have marched past; a compendium of workshops, in-house training programs, seminars, presentations including those by our Principal Ms. Santhamma Gopalkrishna, and now I find myself on a platform from where I can say with conviction that this institution not only serves as a launch pad for future citizens of India, NPS serves society the dual duty of turning out professional teachers well equipped to adapt to dynamic and contemporary societal changes.

I have seen NPS rise like the proverbial Phoenix and move on from strength to strength; like the Orion it continues to stand out as one of the brightest stars in the horizon; it teaches its students to fly high on their wings like the famed Pegasus ; and it imbues them with indomitable courage and will power like the Centaur.

And yet, we have no time to rest on our laurels.....Charaivathi, Charaivathi

It was an afterthought that made me a teacher. Coming from an engineering background, teaching was definitely not on my mind, but when my son started full day classes at NPS Rajajinagar, I felt it would be good to go to school and also return with him, may be able to assist in the school office, I thought.

In my interview with the head of the institution, Ms Santhamma Gopalkrishna, I was awed at the energy that radiated from her and before I realised, I was a teacher at NPS, Rajajinagar!

From then, there has been no looking back, the amount of encouragement and support that I have received…..especially in the initial years…. have contributed in moulding me into a confident teacher.

It is said that teaching is the profession that teaches all other professions. Therefore, while catering to an all-round development, I have always found myself being involved with all co-curricular activities….be it science fair, annual day, school assembly, mega quiz, preparing students for competitions, innumerable presentations or adapting modern technology of changing times.

The most striking part of being at NPS is the aspiration for perfection, the attention given to every minute detail for flawless execution of any project.

Looking back after 15 years, I realise that time has moved swiftly. I have enjoyed the confidence and trust bestowed in me. Challenges always inspire personal growth. It has been an exciting period of personal growth for me too. While working here, I have discovered a bit of myself- everyday!

NPS - My Mentor and I

NPS is a prestigious institution which facilitates the harmonious coming together of students and teachers. As a
teacher, I play an important role in laying a strong foundation to shape their future.

Visualising the pages of the past, I have realised that a major part of my valuable time has been among the environs of the school. NPS has allowed me to grow as a teacher and caregiver. The growth of the students is powered by the growth of the teacher. My interaction with them has created a bond that is evident by the love and respect they show. Inculcating a good value system in the students and preparing them for various life skills would not have been possible without the conducive atmosphere at NPS. The motto of the school – reach out, reach high, reach beyond has enthused my creative side, through the events and activities that I have helped design. The workshops and the training programmes organised by the school have enabled me to keep pace with technological advancements of the present day.

NPS is the epitome of the kind of understanding that is provided not just for students but for the teachers as well.

It looks like yesterday that I joined NPS as faculty and it's been 16 long years. All along it has been a wonderful journey. Here I have realized that 3 D's – Dedication, Determination and Discipline never go waste. Every single day there is something new to learn and I am still learning. The school has nurtured me and my dreams and I wish to serve the institution to the best of my abilities.

I became a part of the NPS family in 1999, when I joined as a teacher filling in for a faculty member who was away on maternity leave. I thought my term would be up after 3 months but after almost 9 years I’m still going strong! That speaks volumes for the bond one develops with NPS!! During my stint here I’ve taught classes right from KG to grade 12; subjects ranging from Music to English.

Being at NPS has been an enriching experience and a great learning process. I have been given many opportunities wherein I could display my skills & abilities and the management, is truly – helping each one bring out their best. In turn, I’ve been able to draw out the potential and talent from the extremely able students, who we have the honor of interacting with.

It is a pleasure to work in an esteemed institution - NPS. The institution has created a caring atmosphere and a trusting relationship between the management and the faculty members and between the teacher and the pupil. Workshops are conducted by the management, which enable the faculty members to expand their knowledge. Every teacher has a penchant for producing cent percent distinction . The institution has carved out a niche for bringing out “the cream of the society “ in the field of education.
I wish the institution success to soar higher and keep up its motto

It seems just yesterday that I entered NPS as one of the faculty members and twenty-five memorable years have gone by. It gives me immense satisfaction to see the little children whom we have nurtured, grow into responsible citizens.

It has been a great learning experience. Indeed I am proud to be a long associate of NPS that leaves no stone unturned to come of age in the field of ever-growing educational standards.

My first day at NPS Rajajinagar was one filled with apprehension and anxiety. But looking back, it is one of the most cherished days and the beginning of a new and exciting phase of my life. The innocent faces with bright smiles as they greet me every morning, waiting to show their latest work of art on tiny pieces of paper makes me look forward to another day in school. Learning while teaching, gives me, a KG teacher, tremendous joy which cannot be expressed in words.

Two most important ingredients of education are knowing that we are valued and being in the midst of people who want us to be a part of a world that they love and care. I have seen these two ingredients in NPS.

It’s a great pleasure being a part of the NPS family for the past 20 years. The environment at NPS is so pleasant and caring that we always strive to give more than 100% in all our endeavors. It’s been a rewarding experience to see our students excel and transform successfully into better human beings. A special thanks to our Principal Madam Santhamma for making this a lovable place for both teachers and students and for making everyone realize and fulfill their dreams.

I have been associated with NPS for more than two decades now. It is overwhelming to see the students I have taught are my colleagues today and even more flattering to know that I am teaching the second and third generation of my very first batch of students.

Teaching is my passion & the following quote inspires me. “The mediocre teacher tells; the good teacher explains; the superior teacher demonstrates; the great teacher inspires. -"William Arthur War

Looks of expectation, curiosity, innocence, wonder and affection- these are on all the faces that greet me every morning, the moment I step into NPS. It is an indescribable feeling; it is something only an NPS teacher experiences: I wouldn’t give it up for the world!

It has been an exciting journey being with teenagers from grades 9-12. These special people, in this very special place, share a bond and an absolute trust in me. It has been my privilege to be here and I have grown, not only as a teacher, but also as a person. As a Biology teacher, I also have an opportunity to handle the adolescence education program that further intensifies my ties.

My association with NPS is since 1985. Over the years, NPS has helped me become a seasoned teacher. The school has helped me learn as I continued teaching. While walking down the streets of Bangalore, very often, I come across youngsters who wish me and remind me that they were my students. They cherish the time they had spent with me.

As I look into the eyes of these successful youngsters, I feel and enjoy a sense of satisfaction. Truly an organization one can be proud to be a part of!

NPS has provided me the platform to transform teaching of Mathematics from mere chalk and talk method to a child-centred and activity-oriented one. High expectations, the value system, discipline and also the use of modern technology as inputs enable me and my colleagues to go that extra mile to becoming good facilitators. Plenty of opportunities are available to showcase our skills in different areas. My strong opinion is that NPS is an ideal place that makes both the students and teachers become perfectionists in the education arena.

School is considered as the second home for students, for me it is my HOME. I have been a part of this institution for the past 3 decades - first as a student and now as a faculty member.

NPS has given me courage and confidence. It has taught me to do things in a meticulous way. NPS has also taught me to look at things with the right perception.

Above all it has given me job satisfaction.

Robert Burton once said ‘ A nightingale dies of shame, if another bird sings better. It is this very uniqueness which makes the nightingale the best ‘ . In this competitive world it’s better to be the best. National Public School, Rajajinagar provides all opportunities for the students as well as teachers to excel themselves in all fields .

Over the years working at NPS has helped me to be a better teacher, mother and a good human being.

I am a cardiac Surgeon” I was stunned at the flight of time. Teaching him in standard six seemed like a few years back. Then I realized that it's been 16 years at NPS! Looking back I can see my growth in the school - fantastic opportunities the school has offered me - not only as a teacher but also in my personality and outlook to life. Attending various workshops and presentations conducted was a great learning experience. In short, I can only say NPS moulds future citizens of India and makes us better human beings.

Right from the time I joined NPS , I have felt I'm an integral part of this family, thanks to my superiors and colleagues. The first few months itself convinced me that my stint here will be fruitful, challenging and exciting. I am looking forward to a long innings here.

NPS believes in integrated teaching, feeling the pulse of the students and helping them in all their endeavours to achieve academic and all round excellence. Being a facilitator , a guide, a philosopher and at times a friend to the teachers and students gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction.

© NPS